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How Hard Is It To Develop An App?

Developing software requires a highly professional software development team with matching skills.

Many companies will find a professional development team to complete a project. Businesses often have changing needs. There are many difficulties in the development of such software:

  1. Technicians lack experience in the development of related software, which makes progress really slow;
  2. R&D (Research and Development) is an IT department, and users are mostly business departments. R&D personnel must consider the user experience problems from the perspective of business personnel. This process takes a long time;
  3. As the needs of businesses continue to increase, R&D personnel need to constantly add software features, resulting in secondary (hence, additional) development.

However, when it comes to secondary development, the difficulty is much greater than first-hand development.

For secondary development, engineers should not only be familiar with the database structure of an open-source product, understand the code, but also be familiar with customers' needs, interpret the requirements, and then determine how to modify and extend this open-source product.

The time and labor costs of secondary development are high.

The difficulty of the secondary development for some companies is very high. One of our clients required a mobile application where users could post and complete tasks, select geographic locations based on user positioning, and publish task rewards. These tasks can be traded directly on the platform.

When the client found us for their secondary development for their application, they are facing these problems:

  1. A low response rate from the software development team
  2. High cost
  3. Inability to trade on the platform, as the payment system does not work
  4. When there are many users using the client's application simultaneously, the platform becomes very slow.

What's difficult about our client's second-hand development is that engineers must self-learn the existing codebase (usually without documentation) and develop new functions based on that existing software that another team created. Using what we were given, we still managed to add requested features.

Features added:

  1. Add new functions: A notification function A scan code function A payment function.
  2. Redesign: Optimized user logic Reduced user waiting time.
  3. Optimized user experience: By allocating computing resources to different servers, the load per server was minimized and application load times were accelerated.
  4. Improved security mechanisms to protect user information.
  5. Deployed services to automatically monitor network status and automatically generate reports.

With less than one-tenth of the original cost of the first-hand development by the original team, the secondary development was delivered by us with higher efficiency and higher quality. As a result, our client has signed six consecutive follow-up contracts for platform maintenance.

The Brix Solution:

Brix Labs is a high-tech software development company based in Orange County, California, providing a unique and effective software development system solution for organizations. Brix Labs is also an online software development platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and data science. Brix enables success for our customers' software development needs through this platform by customizing software products efficiently and cost-effectively. Since our establishment, we have successfully completed more than 50 enterprise-level projects. Our customer satisfaction rating is 97% (this evaluation is based on the results of third-party market evaluation companies designated by the US government). In 2019, the company was officially approved by the US government to be included on a list of software development vendors in the field of artificial intelligence and big data.

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